Toby Awards 2001:Brisbane Jr. Theatre Awards

Awards were held on Friday night December 7th at the 2002 kickoff dinner at Rivercity Centre.


Best Actor in a Leading Role

Thomas Cooper for Joseph in "Joseph" ** JOINT WINNER **
Clifford Morgan for the Pirate King in "Pirates"
Rhys Ryan for Frederick in "Pirates"
Jacob Bradford for Joseph in "Joseph" ** JOINT WINNER **
Callum Mansfield for the Pirate King in "Pirates"

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Rebecca Del Valle for Mabel in "Pirates" ** WINNER **
Eleni Pippos for Red Narrator in "Joseph"
Emily Hickson for Blue Narrator in "Joseph"
Clair Cutforth for Mabel in "Pirates"
Helen Suter for Yellow Narrator in "Joseph"
Hannah Cliff for Red Narrator in "Joseph"
Chantelle Hodgetts for Yellow Narrator in "Joseph"

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Alex Taylor for Major General in "Pirates"
Zachary Bradford for Pharoah in "Joseph" ** WINNER **
Callum Mansfield for Pharoah in "Joseph"
Matt Shirley for Potiphar in "Joseph"

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Kelsey Horton for Ruth in "Pirates"
Rebecca Laughton for Ruth in "Pirates" ** WINNER **
Hannah McLeay for Potiphar’s Wife in "Joseph"
Jessica Puncheon for Potiphar’s Wife in "Joseph"

Best Actor in a Minor Role

Cameron Cliff for Samuel in "Pirates"
Dominic Power for Samuel in "Pirates"
James Constantine for the Sergeant in "Pirates" ** WINNER **
Zachary Bradford for the Sergeant in "Pirates"
Mathew Leigh for Issachar in "Joseph"
Jack Eineke for Simeon in "Joseph"
Joe Couchman for Reuben in "Joseph"

Best Actress in a Minor Role

Sophie Mangan for Edith in "Pirates"
Eleni Pippos for Isabelle in "Pirates"
Melanie Store for the Baker in "Joseph"
Bethany Couchman for the Baker in "Joseph" ** WINNER **
Sally Kennedy for Kate in "Pirates"
Rachel Walker for the Butler in "Joseph"
Tae Granger for the Baker in "Joseph"

Best Actor in a Chorus Role

George Canham Policeman in "Pirates"
Joshua White Policeman in "Pirates"
Zachary Price in "Pirates"
Michael Whittred in "Pirates" ** WINNER **
Scott Mercer in "Joseph"
Richard Sullivan in "Joseph"
Nathan Stoodley in "Joseph"
Jesse Bradford in "Joseph"

Best Actress in a Chorus Role

Michaela Power in "Joseph"
Jessie Latchford in "Pirates"
Rebekah Stoodley in "Joseph" ** WINNER **
Katelyn Martin in "Pirates"
Sara Done in "Joseph"
Amy Beth Williamson in "Pirates"
Ailsa McKeon in "Joseph"
Vannessa Moltzen in "Joseph"
Ruth Constantine in "Pirates"

Most Popular

Callum Mansfield
Eleni Pippos ** WINNER **
Rebecca Delvalle
James Constantine
Alex Taylor
Bethany Couchman
Thomas Cooper
Clifford Morgan
Emily Hickson
Jacob Bradford
Clair Cutforth

Blooper Award (Funniest Improvisation or Goof up)

Callum Mansfield ** WINNER **
Clair Cutforth
Rhys Ryan
Thomas Cooper
Clifford Morgan
Alex Taylor
Matt Shirley

Thank you to all who participated in the voting