H M S Pinafore 1st-6th April 2002

Session Times
Friday 7.30pm South Seas Cast
Saturday 2.00pm North Seas Cast
Saturday 4.30pm South Seas Cast
Saturday 7.30pm North Seas Cast

 North SeasSouth Seas
BUTTERCUPVanessa MoltzenHannah Cliff
CAPT. CORCORANZac BradfordZac Bradford
RALPH RACKSTRAWJacob BradfordRhys Ryan
JOSEPHINEClaire StasseBethany Couchman
SIR JOSEPHCameron CliffCameron Cliff
DICK DEADEYEJesse BradfordMichael Whittred
COUSIN HEBEEmily TomsonEden Young
COUSIN HEDDAKate SmethurstStephanie Moriarty
BOATSWAINJoseph LangguthAndrew Whitmore

    SAILORS                    LADIES
Joseph Burden, Stephen Moodie, Sally-Anne Hall
Joshua James, Nicholas Moodie, Alex Mitchell
Leesa James, Jessica Smith, Stephanie Sanders
Alex Langguth, Kirrin Walsh, Daisy Watson
Jacob Langguth, Harry Watson, Millie Watson
Jacob Mitchell, Anna-Claire Zanetti

BAND Dale Lingwood-Piano, Graham Wray-Drums, Ken Lingwood-Banjo

DIRECTOR - Jack Bradford
Assistants to the Director-David Williamson, Clifford Morgan
Production Assistant-Jemma Whittred
MUSIC DIRECTOR-Debbie Bradford
Accompanist -Dale Lingwood
SOUND-Matthew Jensen
Backstage Hands-Stephanie Stewart, Elyce Roberts
Assistants- Phyllis Chapman, Jocelyn Roberts
OFFICE MANAGER-Leanne Couchman

Pinafore was first produced at the Opera Comique, London, May 28, 1878. The action takes place on the Quarterdeck of "H.M.S. Pinafore," 1878. His Majesty's Ship, "Pinafore," is anchored in the harbor at Portsmouth. The sailors are busy scrubbing the decks for the expected arrival of Sir Joseph Porter, K. C. B. Little Buttercup, a bumboat woman comes aboard with a stock of "snuff and tobaccy and excellent jacky." It transpires that a handsome young sailor, Ralph, is in love with the Captain's daughter, Josephine. She, however, is to be betrothed to Sir Joseph Porter, who duly arrives attended by "his sisters and his cousins and his aunts." In the meantime, Ralph plans to elope with Josephine, the crew assisting.. Captain Corcoran is alone on deck and sings to the moon. Little Buttercup comes to him and reveals her affection. He tells her that because of his rank he can only be her friend; but she hints darkly that a change is in store for him, saying that "things are seldom what they seem." Sir Joseph returns, complaining that Josephine does not favor his suit. The Captain comforts him by saying that she is awed by his lofty station and suggests that he plead his cause on the ground that love levels all rank. Still Josephine does not respond, for her heart is set upon Ralph. " The elopers are captured, and the Captain is so exasperated that he actually swears, using a "big, big D" which is overheard by Sir Joseph Porter. For this serious breach of morals, a horrible example of depravity before the whole crew, the Captain is ordered to his cabin. Affairs are interrupted by Little Buttercup, who discloses a secret, telling how the Captain and Ralph had been accidental]y exchanged while they were both babies. Whereupon, Sir Joseph, sends for Ralph and makes him Captain, and at the same time reduces Corcoran to Ralph's former humble grade of "able seaman." Now, since it is out of the question for one of Sir Joseph's exalted station to marry the daughter of a mere seaman, his Lordship nobly consents to the marriage of Ralph and Josephine. The erstwhile Captain consoles himself with Little Buttercup.
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A thank you from Jack Bradford, Director of the BJT Production Team….. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank RiverCity, and all of my volunteer staff and production team including the costume and administration staff. You have done an excellent job. I also want to thank every parent and child who have taken part in this production of “H.M.S. Pinafore” and we hope to see you for the next one.”