The "Pop" Mikado 21st-26th April 2003

Session Times
Friday 6.00pm Blue Team
Friday 8.00pm Red Team
Saturday 6.00pm Red Team
Saturday 8.00pm Blue Team

Michael Zack Jess and Anke  
Each person has their own photo. Click on their name to see it.
Alanna Moodie as 5th Maid Blue Team
Amy Williamson as 6th Maid Blue Team
Andrew Whitmore as Pish Tush Blue Team
Anke Van Rooyen as 1st Maid Blue Team
Bailey Harrison as Gentleman
Cameron Cliff as Koko Red Team
David Canham as Gentleman
David Knijnenburg with Musicians as Assistant Director/Acting
Debbie Bradford as Music Director with Musicians Glenda Whittred
Dale Lingwood Ken Lingwood Graeme Wray

Eden Young as 1st Maid with Tae Red Team
Emily Tomson as Yum Yum Blue Team
Hannah Cliff as Yum Yum Red Team
Jacob Bradford as Nanki-Poo Blue Team
Jack Bradford as The Director
Jemma Whittred as Production Assistant with George Canham
Jesse Bradford as Poo Bah Blue Team
Jessie Latchford as 2nd Maid Red Team
Katelyn Martin as 4th Maid Red Team
Michael Whittred as Mikado Blue Team
Nicholas Moodie as Gentleman
Paige Stone as 3rd Maid Blue Team
Rhys Ryan as Nanki-Poo Red Team
Sally-Anne Hall as 4th Maid Blue Team
Samuel Canham as Gentleman
Sarah Graham as 5th Maid Red Team
Scott Mercer as Poo Bah Red Team
Stephen Moodie as Pish Tush Red Team
Tae Grainger as Katisha Red Team
Tammy Mathieson as 3rd Maid Red Team
Vanessa Moltzen as Katisha Blue Team
Vicki Van Rooyen as 2nd Maid Blue Team
Yuri Nezovic as Mikado Red Team
Zachary Bradford as Koko Blue Team

Gentlemen taking a bow  

The "Pop" Mikado is BJT's 5th major production in three years. There is a certain feeling we get through a BJT week where we say "yes this feels like a BJT production". What we are trying to describe is the warmth, friendliness, teamwork, pace, cohesion and sense of accomplishment the participants, production team and helpers feel by the end of the week. We are thankful and proud to be assisted with Bruce Warren's crew at Centenary Uniting Church.

Blue Team  
Red Team  

I would like to personally thank all of the production team and helpers for all of your hard work. Most of all I appreciate the support, friendship and hard work of our performers and their parents for their hours of travelling and all their contributions to BJT. Whatever we do and wherever we go, BJT will continue to support the hopes, dreams and talents of young performers in our community.

Jack Bradford

Thank you too Mike Canham and David Cliff for providing me with over 200 photos to choose from :-}
Steve Williamson - Web Master