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Performances on:

Friday 26th September at 6.00pm and 8.00pm

Saturday 27th September at 6.00pm and 8.00pm

Centenary Uniting Church

37 Riverhills Road

Middle Park





Guys and Dolls is a comedic story of love, money, and salvation in New York City. All the hot gamblers are in town, and they're all depending on Nathan Detroit, and his two cohorts Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet, to set up this week's incarnation of "The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York". The only problem is, he needs $1000 to get the place. Nathan makes a $1000 bet with Sky Masterson that he cannot take Sarah Brown, a sergeant at the Save-a-Soul Mission, to Havana for a day. Sarah, who is short on sinners for her mission, goes on the trip with Sky's promise that he will provide her with sinners for the next mission meeting. In the mean time, Nathan is constantly trying to stay one step ahead of his fiancée, Miss Adelaide, who wants Nathan to marry her after a decade-long engagement but will not marry him unless he gives up his gambling.




The Director: Jack Bradford

Assistant Director/Acting: David Knijnenburg

Music Director: Dale Lingwood

Choreographer: Deborah Marler

Production Assistant: Carmel Baker

Production Assistant: Russell Watt

Musicians: Glenda Whittred, Ken Lingwood, Laura Lingwood,

Sound: Chris Haines, Matt Jensen, Andrew McLenaghan

Tech Director: Chris Haines

Spot Light: Jason Bray

Costume Organiser: Cynthia Cliff

Make Up Organiser: Laurie Young

Canteen: Roslyn Mathieson, Jason Bray, Theresa Hughes, Tanya Richards, Karlee Mattiazzi

A special thanks to Geena Luckin for making costumes for the Hot Box Girls, to Lena Graham for organising the costumes for the "Dolls" and also to Mrs Tanfield and Brian & Judy Breingan for organising the Mission Band Costumes.


Guys and Dolls is a great Junior Theatre Show. It has an exciting story and lots of incredible roles for actors. This experience has been enjoyable and fulfilling because of the high level of professionalism in our musicians, crew, administration and especially our fine actors.

I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication to this production. It couldn’t have happened without you. It really was a pleasure seeing all of you grow so much.

Thank You





Friday 6pm Saturday 8pm
Friday 8pm Saturday 6pm
Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Jesse Bradford
Benny Southstreet: George Canham
Rusty Charlie: Emily Turner
Sarah Brown: Emily Tomson, Chantelle Hope-Hodgetts
Arvide Abernathy: Hannah Cliff
Harry The Horse: Mark Canham
LT Brannigan: Scott Mercer
Nathan Detroit: Jacob Bradford
Angie The Ox: Eden Young
Miss Adelaide: Vanessa Moltzen
Sky Masterson: Zachary Bradford
Mimi: Elle Jakopovich
Big Jule: Michael Whittred
General Cartwright: Anna Hammar
Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Liam Gillions
Benny Southstreet: Stefan Emsley
Rusty Charlie: Tammy Mathieson
Sarah Brown: Hannah Cliff
Arvide Abernathy: Emily Tomson
Harry The Horse: Nathan Redgen
LT Brannigan: Scott Mercer
Nathan Detroit: Cameron Cliff
Angie The Ox: Vicki Van Rooyen
Miss Adelaide: Tae Granger
Sky Masterson: Adam Poole
Mimi: Jemma Whittred
Big Jule: Michael Whittred
General Cartwright: AJ Huf

The following Actors and Actresses are in all four performances:

Mission Band Hot Box Girls
Beth DowningNatasha Dean-Jones
Felicity McClenaghanTeya Evans
Alexandrea ForrestAnna Hall
Audrey GrimmerJennifer Folling
Rebecca TanfieldDaisy Watson
 Melissa Luckin
 Holly Marler
 Claire Harmes
 Cerys Downing

Dolls Guys
Julianne BehrDavid Canham

Amanda Borbin

Samuel Canham

Laura Bordin

Tim Carney

Cassandra Donaldson

Che Granger

Sarah Graham

Bailey Harrison

Brittany Hall

Feng Jin

Nadia Hayward

Tom Kealy

Serena Hayward

Ben Reugebrink
Laura Kealy
Georgia Powell
Lauren Siggs
Lauren Soulsby
Paige Stone
Amy Tayt
Millie Watson
Stacey Zanchetta

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