BJT Production of Annie 23-28 Sept 2002

  David and Chorus

A moment to shine


NORMALLY it takes weeks, even months, to rehearse a musical but in five days Jack Bradford will have a cast of young theatre hopefuls ready to perform the Broadway hit Annie. This is like a fast train and we all have to be on it together,’ says Bradford as he takes about eighty young theatre hopefuls through their paces for four performances of Annie for the Brisbane Junior Theatre company Bradford set up last year.

We're here to help the kids along but we do it all in one week. Its a bit like a three-ring circus really. We have three rehearsals going on simultaneously covering staging, dancing and music, divided into those who can sing. act or dance. The musical by Charles Strouse with lyrics by Martin Charnin from a book by Thomas Meehanis is based on Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie comic strip about 11-year-old Annie who wants to be rescued from an orphanage.

When billionaire Oliver Warbucks wants to adopt Annie, he has to deal with the mean-spirited matron Agatha Hannigan.

David Knijnenburg (pictured), the only adult in the show, plays Warbucks and helps with production and dialect coaching. We’re putting on a production in a week and that doesn’t detract from other things the kids are doing, their sport or their dancing lessons or whatever they would be doing for their school holidays,’ Bradford said.

We just want one week of their time, We really use it like a fast train. So for the first week of their school holidays from 8:30am to 5pm with a lunch and two tea breaks children aged 5 to 18 from all over Brisbane and Cairns are singing their hearts out and dancing their feet off to prepare for opening night.

Theatre is a great confidence builder for children, claims Bradford, who began working with children’s theatre soon after he came to Australia. He has a Masters degree in theatre and is currently now working on his Ph.D. at the Australian Catholic University and has performed and directed extensively in community and semi-professional theatre in Brisbane.

Parents want their children to be involved in something that has direction and goals and is artistic. They want to give them a sense of being involved in something of integrity. Something that will lift their abilities, to think and to communicate and to have a sense of value Bradford said.

There has been a lot of pre-planning for this show. Everything is double cast. We have two Annie’s, two of everyone. To give each performer the chance to memorize lines and have something significant to do, so every child can shine for at least one minute in the play,’

Edited from Patricia Kelly’s September 26th Article in the Brisbane Courier Mail

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Red CastWhite CastBlack Cast
Hannigan: Vanessa Moltzen and Hannah Cliff
Annie: Tammy Mathieson and Emily Turner
Rooster: Jacob Bradford and Cameron Cliff
Lily: Bethany Couchman and Sara Done
Molly: Paige Stone and Millie Watson
Pepper: Elyse Roberts and Stephanie Stewart
Duffy: Jessie Latchford and Eden Young
July: Nick Cuny and Natasha Dean-Jones
Tessie: Siobhan Ehrich and Laura Dentrinos
Kate: Hannah Talbot and Maddison Joyce
Lucy: Shannon Mooney and Mikaela Dean
Ellie: Petra Kent and Kaitlyn Martyn
Maggie: Kayla Fischer and Mallory Christensen
Nellie: Steph Moriarty and Elissa Kent
Bundles: Dominic Powers
Apple Seller/s: Beth Downing and Caitlin Moriarty and Jessica Russell-Hall
Dog Catchers: Harry Watson and Emma Randall
2nd Police: Daisy Watson
Lt. Ward: Michael Whittred
Sophie The Kettle: Cerys Downing
Star to Be: Eden Young
FDR: James Constantine
Ickes: Michael Whittred
Howe: Dominic Power
Hull: Melissa Luckin
Perkins: Ailsa McKeon
Morganthou: Fiona McKeon
Honour Guard: Morgan Hall-Thompson and Young Cuny
Oliver Warbucks: David Knijnenberg and Zachary Bradford
Grace Farrell: Emily Thompson and Chantelle Hope-Hodgetts
Drake: Jesse Bradford
Mrs. Pugh: Beth Downing and Emma Randall
Cecille: Chelsea McDonald and Mariel Hoare
Mrs. Greer: Talitha and Jessica Horner
Annette: Rebecca Hall and Sara Morrison
Maid/Dancers: Sally-Anne Hall and Beth Pickett
Bert Healy: Zachary Bradford and David Knijnenberg
Fred McCracken: Jesse Bradford
Janey Johnston: Jessica Ware
Sound Effects Girl: Kate Adams
Bonny Boylan: Ellena Jakopovic
Connie Boylan: Ruth Constantine
Ronnie Boylan: Michaela Power
Donnie Boylan: Beth Pickett
Oxydent Producers: Morgan Hall-Thompson and Young Cuny

  Millie and Tammy  
Hannah Chantelle and Tammy  
Bethany Vanessa and Jacob  
Debbie and Dominic  
With due recognition and appreciation of Paul Luckin's wonderful digital photography.